Cory Davis, P.Ag, MBA, MSc.IM

Author, activist, and public servant.

Education History

Cory started his education journey first in outdoor tourism. Due to his passion to understand the layers of complexity underpinning global challenges, he sought a diverse and integrated educational background. Over the past 15 years, he would work and live frugaly in preparation for his next educational program, and do it again and again. Every program he took felt siloed. He yearned to be a big picture systems thinker which motivated him to pursue education in social sciences, applied sciences, academic sciences, business, and intercultural relations.


Master of Science in International Management, University of Hertfordshire

With Distinction. Focus on intercultural relations, and business during the pandemic.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Royal Roads University

Focus on Ecotoxicology and Ecosystems.

Associate of Arts Degree, Okanagan College

With Distinction. Focus on Sociology and Psychology.

Master of Business Administration, Vancouver Island University

With Honours. Focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship.

Technical Diploma in Intergrated Environmental Planning, Selkirk College

With Honours. Focus on Ecosystems, Geomatics and Land-Use Planning

Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training, Strathcona Park

Focus on outdoor tourism, kayaking, canoeing, hiking and rock climbing.

Professional Work History

Prior to his professional career, Cory worked with outdoor outfitters and resorts as an interpretive hiking and canoeing guide providing strategic tours that teaches participants the historical context and use of land and plants by First Nations. He then put his mind to public safety, climate change adaptation and land use planning in rural BC. He held numerous roles in the natural resource sector of the British Columbia public service since. Most recently, he transitioned into strategic First Nations relations to facilitate and build relationships between natural resource extraction industries, indigenous communities and the British Columbia government. This involves negotiation, mediation, collaboration and developing mitigation strategies to protect cultural and environmental values that underpin aboriginal rights and title.

Work History

First Nations Relations Advisor, BC Ministry of Forests

Strategic engagement and consultation with First Nations in the natural resource sector of British Columbia.

Research Assistant, Vancouver Island University

Coding and analyzing qualitative data on employee-employer relations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instructor, Geography 250: Cartography and Remote Sensing, Northern Lights College

Lead lab classes, and lectures to students of the Archaeology Diploma Program, and invigilate exams.

Resource Technologist, BC Ministry of Forests

Investigation, Inspection, and mapping forestry operations in British Columbia.

Flooding and Geotechnical Hazard Inventory and Gap Analysis (Contract), Regional District of Central Kootenay

Lead the completion of phase one of the Flooding and Geotechnical Hazard Inventory and Gap Analysis Project in response to the fatal Johnson’s Landing Landslide

Business Manager, That Planted Life

Pivoting That Planted Life due to economic losses from the COVID-19 pandemic, and business planning.

Documentation Specialist, BC Wildire Service

Managing documentation systems to meet legal standards for court.

Planning Department, Various Positions, BC Wildire Service

Planning and organizing wildfire operations in British Columbia. Documentating and relaying wildfire related data and statistics.

Planning Technician, Regional District of Central Kootenay

Geospatial data management, public safety initiatives and research, and land-use planning.

Engineering Assistant, BC Timber Sales

Forestry road assessments, development, contract analysis, and general forestry operations (pine beetle monitoring, layout, cruising, etc.)

Volunteering and Activism

Cory started his career in activism. In 2004, he travelled accross the United States to 49 states in over 100 cities leading discussion groups and giving cooking demos at a variety of venues on the Compassion for Animals Road Expedition. From 2004-2011, he sat on the board of directors of various non-profits including The Responsible Animal Care Society (TRACS), and Ski2Sea Kelowna. From 2009-2014 he chaired the Kelowna Outdoor and Adventure Club, Okanagan College Environment Club, Selkirk College Environment Club, and Twin Rivers Rotaract Club. Since then, he has held positions with the BC Government and Employee’s Union, and the BC Institute of Agrologists.

Volunteer History

Professional Development Directior, BC Institute of Agrologists

Marketing and creating professional development opportunities for articling and professional agrologists in BC

Component 20 Steward, First Vice, BC Government and Employees Union

Leading engagement with union members, implementing agreement changes, mediating human resource disputes between employees and employers.

GIS & GPS Instructor, Songhees First Nation Wellness Center and Royal Roads University

Teaching GPS and GIS to Songhees First Nation youth for the provincial invasive species management program.

Planning and logistics, Okanagan Health Forum

Supporting and planning the annual Okanagan Health Forum conference.

Chair, Hard Signing Officer, Twin Rivers Rotaract Club

Fundraising, organizing and hosting events, chairing meetings.

Chair, Hard Signing Officer, and Co-Founder, Okanagan College Eniro-Club

Fundraising, organizing and hosting events, chairing meetings.

Run Director & Lifeguard Director, Ski2Sea Kelowna

Managing over 70 volunteers, and directing the run and water portions of the Ski2Sea race.

Director of Men’s Fitness and Program Assistant, Marshall Islands Diabetes Wellness Center

Buildout of the Majuro, Marshall Islands Diabetes Wellness Center, training staff and leading men’s fitness for the research pilot project. The peer reviewed literature arcticles have just started to come out in 2020 based on the data results.

Audiobook Narrator, National Network for Equitable Library Service

Narrating audio for those with peripheral disabilities.

Executive Director of External Engagement, VIU MBA Association

Managing all things related to external engagement.

BC Institute of Agrologists AGM Planning Committee Member

Plan and host the 2018 Provincial Annual Grand Meeting for the BC Institute of Agrologists.

Wildlife Tree Mapping Project Lead, and General Volunteer, Friends of Kootenay Lake

Speaking to municipal council for funding, helping with riparian restoration projects, and leading the Wildlife Tree Mapping Project and design.

Youth Leader, Columbia Basin Trust

Engagement and technical support during the Columbia Basin Treaty negotiations.

Chair, Hard Signing Officer, and Founder, Selkirk College Enviro-Club

Fundraising, organizing and hosting events, chairing meetings, leading parks, roads, and outdoor garbage removal.

Chair and Founder, Kelowna Outdoor and Adventure Club

Teaching canoeing and rock climbing lessons. Leading interpretive hiking tours.

Director of Youth Programs, and General Volunteer, The Responsible Animal Care Society (TRACS)

Planning and hosting events, assisting the animal sanctuary and passed an animal welfare bylaw.

Associate Director and Program Manager, Compassion for Animals Road Expedition (CARE Tour)

Giving lectures (youngest speaker at AR 2004), leading discussion groups, introducing other speakers, educational outreach and giving cooking demos to at a variety of venues.

Assistant Vice President of Education & Mentor, Island Excellence Toastmasters

Supporting education and mentorship of new members for Island Excellence Toastmasters